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Seiko inaugurated its first diving watch with a depth of 150 metres in 1965. Diving professionals have been choosing Seiko for many years since. What is the reason behind this loyalty? The company meets their requirements for robustness, durability and precision in every respect. The proof: our watches are subjected to rigorous testing under real-life conditions. The successfully completed tests confirm the high standard of design and workmanship involved. The Prospex collection was created by combining stylish design with performance in all situations. In the Prospex collection, there are three different watch designs, all conceived with the same desire for excellence: aquatic timepieces, terrestrial timepieces and aerial timepieces.

The 3 elements of the Prospex collection

As you can see, the ocean is at the heart of the collection, so enthusiasts will be able to find – among a hundred different models – waterproof watches, at times water-resistant up to 300m, equipped with directional bezels, case backs and screwed crowns. The terrestrial watches have an equally robust design, featuring recognisable case and dial colours and often including compass bezels.

Finally, Prospex "Air" watches are often distinguished by their GMT hand, indicating the time in a second time zone, which is very useful for frequent travellers. Our aim is to combine elegant designs with unbeatable durability, capable of withstanding the stresses of water, air and land sports.

Prospex automatic or solar quartz watches

Ultimately, the watches in the Prospex collection are united by the same desire for reliability, yet they can vary greatly in terms of functionality or technology. For example, you will find a large number of automatic watches with calibres and cases adapted to diving, as well as solar quartz watches. The vast majority of Prospex automatic watches include a date and day display. On the other hand, solar quartz watches may have a chronograph function, digital display or even a hybrid display.

From an aesthetic point of view, the watches in the Prospex collection boast a very masculine, sporty allure. Featuring colourful bezels, predominantly solid-steel straps but also comfortable silicone straps, while more land-based Prospex models also come with leather or nylon straps. 

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