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Presage Sharp Edged

Sharp, angular, refined. The design of the new Presage collection combines tradition and modernity.

A fundamental feature of the Japanese expression of beauty has long been simplicity. Creating refined and graceful objects or images with limited elements and no frills has long been a goal for many Japanese craftsmen and artists, and it is this guiding principle that is at the heart of the new Presage collection.

At first glance, the traditional shape and high-quality design of the case is eye-catching, but on closer inspection, the beauty of the design is revealed in the right-angled surfaces that form the case and in the subtle and delicate pattern of the textured dial. The new Seiko Presage Sharp Edged collection is a powerful new expression of Japanese art in every detail. 

The interplay of angles and light.

The case and strap of the Seiko Presage Sharp Edged collection are composed of several incredibly sharp flat surfaces, enabling the watch to shine and sparkle from every angle. Three of the four creations in the new collection have an ultra-resistant coating that protects the case and bracelet from scratches, while also lending lasting shine. The intricately designed and polished surfaces and edges contrast with the subtle brushed finish to create a multi-dimensional effect.

A traditional Japanese design embellishes the dial.

The dial incorporates a Japanese "Asanoha" or hemp leaf motif, renowned in Japanese artistic culture for its use since the Heian period, over a thousand years ago. The fibres that form the stem of the plant were traditionally used to make cloth and the leaf pattern is of particular importance in Japanese culture as it symbolises rapid and strong growth and was thought to bring good health, especially to young people. The complex, richly textured, sharp-edged geometric pattern on the dial creates a subtle gradation of colour that plays with the light from different angles.

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