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First introduced in the 1960s, the Seiko 5 set a new standard in the world of affordable mechanical watches. This collection offers a wide range of choices for a sporty, urban look, from rugged cases to vintage designs.

If you appreciate value for money, look no further than Seiko 5 watches. The Seiko 5 is often recommended by collectors to anyone looking for their first automatic watch, or to those looking to expand their collection with an iconic timepiece at an affordable price.

The history of Seiko 5 watches

The Seiko 5 collection originated in the 1960s from a simple idea, which incidentally inspired its name. A watch should ideally perform 5 principal functions. Of course, a time display is required, and a date display is also useful. From a technical point of view, a good watch is waterproof and shock resistant. Finally, the last criterion is that a watch must be equipped with an automatic mechanical movement.

It is the combination of these 5 main functions that resulted in the first Seiko 5 watches. Over the next 60 years, Seiko 5s with different styles made a name for themselves among watch enthusiasts, from the classic style to the so-called "military" style. Today, we are shining a spotlight on watches with a sporty feel, some of which are inspired by the design of diving watches.

The Seiko 5 automatic calibre

All models in the Seiko 5 range are automatic watches. And yes, this is one of the 5 principal elements of the collection, as mentioned earlier. Historically, the calibres that power Seiko 5s are renowned for their robustness and simplicity. The objective is clear: to offer the most reliable automatic watch possible at a reasonable, affordable price. The movements are therefore simple but efficient, sometimes described as unstoppable by fans of the collection.

The watches in this selection are equipped with the 4R36 calibre, an automatic movement with a single day display and a double day/date display respectively. Of course, all the calibres in our watches are made by Seiko, meaning that Seiko 5 watches are manufactured from scratch, from the movement to the strap. 

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