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On 25th December 1969, Seiko launched the world's first quartz watch: "Seiko Astron". This revolutionary watch at the time had a remarkable accuracy of -/+ 1 second per day and an autonomy of more than 12 months: a real revolution in the world of watchmaking. In 2012, the company set a new milestone in watchmaking history with the world's very first Solar GPS Seiko ASTRON watch. It was an absolute honour to name it "ASTRON", in homage to the first Seiko Astron and synonymous with another great piece of technological innovation.

The ASTRON collection

The Astron collection has become an icon of high-tech watchmaking offering exceptional energy efficiency, and is acclaimed worldwide for its practical, functional and refined design. No matter where you are on Earth, the watch detects your position and provides you with the exact time.The ASTRON GPS SOLAR is the world's first watch to locate and automatically adjust to different time zones, at the touch of a button.

In 2018, Seiko's engineers and watchmakers are pushing technological boundaries again with a new series of ASTRON watches equipped with the 5X calibre. This series has a more elaborate and slimmer design to produce increasingly modern men's watches. These new Astron 5X still connect to satellites twice a day but they are also able to adjust to a time zone much faster – in less than 3 seconds! Among the impressive features of the Seiko ASTRON GPS SOLAR timepieces, there is also the time swap feature, useful for frequent travellers. This function allows you to switch from the main time display in the current time zone to the time in your country of origin, with just a simple push of a button.

New Seiko ASTRON 5X design

Finally, this Seiko ASTRON 5X series welcomed new models in 2019. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first quartz watch, four models were added to the collection, with shapes and aesthetic influences taken directly from the design of the first 1969 Astron. In 50 years, the company's mission for the Astron line has remained the same: to revolutionise watchmaking technology with watches that are increasingly precise, functional and avant-garde when it comes to design.More than ever, ASTRON GPS SOLAR represents the pinnacle of what quartz watchmaking is capable of achieving.

On this page you will find all the current watches from the ASTRON collection, fitted either on steel, titanium or silicone straps. These watches will look great on travellers and on anyone who seeks excellence and the latest technology on their wrist.

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