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Exceptional functional characteristics, a high level of technology, unfailing reliability and sleek lines, this collection has become a definite benchmark for sports enthusiasts.

Seiko Sport watches are designed to ensure the high quality that is characteristic of the brand at a more accessible price. Sturdiness, reliability and a distinctive design, without being too showy: these are the key words that describe the watches you can discover on this page.

Seiko Sport chronograph watches

Chronographs, also known as chrono watches perfectly embody the idea of a sports watch. The chronograph complication, not the chronometer, is what allows the watch to measure time intervals by the push of a button. This makes them very useful for timing a task, such as sports training for example. It is precisely these push-buttons and the chronograph counters that, in combination with the robust steel design, give the watches their sporty look.

The counters may in fact resemble dashboards and, by extension, give a nod to motor sports, especially if the watch is equipped with a tachometer. These graduations, affixed to the bezel or dial edge of the watch, measure the speed at which the wearer's vehicle is moving.

Seiko Sport: an extremely diverse collection

In the Sport collection, you are sure to find a watch that suits your style. All watchmaking technologies are combined in this selection of affordable, high-quality watches. You'll find automatic watches, quartz or even solar quartz chronographs, and even sport watches equipped with Kinetic calibres that make use of your wrist movement to generate energy.

The design of men's Seiko Sports watches

In terms of design, you can find a wide variety of watches, all of them retaining a stylish appearance and the durability required for sport. Stainless steel is the main material used for this sporty collection, giving the watches their robustness and a very masculine look. The steel can be coated with carbon titanium, lending an attractive black colour to the case. For optimal comfort, the timepieces can be fitted with silicone or nylon straps. Finally, sport watches have on average a larger case opening (diameter) and thickness than classic style watches.  

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