We advise you to always contact our authorised SEIKO dealer.

Repairs should be carried out by your usual dealer or any other dealer of your choice who will either repair your watch or transfer it to a workshop.

 Approved workshops are spread throughout France and have been trained to deal with the latest technologies.

 The repairs carried out by these workshops come with a one-year warranty (for complete repairs).

When your watch is still under warranty, always take the international warranty card with you when you visit your retailer.

It is required to receive a repair free of charge.

You can find the contact details of our dealers on our website under AUTHORISED DEALERS.

Warranty period

On year's international warranty (in 75 countries worldwide), two years in the European Community for watches purchased in the Community.

The Seiko Guarantee

In France, your watch must have been purchased from an official dealer approved by SEIKO France. In Europe, at any other dealer authorised by the official distributor in the country where the purchase was made.

Warranty conditions

The warranty covers the case, movement, dial, hands and any metal bracelet. It does not cover glass, battery, bracelets made of any material other than metal or scratches caused by normal wear and tear. Likewise, damage caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods, is not covered.

Many SEIKO watches are waterproof. If the watch is marked “WATER RESISTANT” on the back of its case, this warranty covers damage caused by water infiltration. (see the table on the different degrees of water-tightness and appropriate use, FAQ or advice section).

The warranty is only valid if it has been duly completed and dated by the official and authorised SEIKO dealer who sold the watch. We reserve the right to decline all liability for warranty repairs if the watch has been modified or damaged by anyone other than a SEIKO-authorised service centre. We will not accept altered or falsified warranty certificates or photocopies of warranty certificates.

This warranty is without prejudice to the specific legal rights of the owner of the watch. Since 19 February 2005, new texts strengthening consumer protection apply. These came about through the transposition of a European directive. They aim to standardise warranties at European level. They are applicable for sales concluded after this date. You can consult them on the website www.legifrance.gouv.fr (articles 1641 to 1649 of the civil code and L211-1 to L211-18 of the consumer code).